Monday, June 15, 2009

Reunion and Remodel

Well, the reunion was good. Also saw some of the family that didn't make it to the reunion. It was a great weekend but I'm still tired! That could also be because I scrubbed my house today with 6 little helpers. It has never been this clean or gotten clean this fast!

This is what my momma and I made this weekend. It used to be white and have ugly 80s drawer pulls. We mixed a pretty red and some brown to make the color because there wasn't enough red and then Momma beaded the drawer pulls. Now the TV my brother gave us, the VCR, the SuperNintendo, and the XBox all fit on the shelves and our DVDs, games, and videos fit in the drawers and the bucket on top of the drawers! It looks very maroon in the pictures. It is maroonish but it's a little redder in real life!